The Venus Factor Weight Loss System For Women

The Venus Factor weight loss system has quickly become one of the best weight loss programs on the market. 

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Both your physique and metabolism are factored into weight loss on this program, so you attain the best results possible. For those who have yet to hear about this program, watch this video first as it describes the metabolism and fat burning process for women.

The Venus Factor – The Exclusive Weight Loss System for Women

91% of women 18 and older are overweight, so if you aren’t happy with your figure, you aren’t alone. After having kids my body changed, everything felt soft, I carried around the excess baby weight as I wasn’t able to lose it all.

Over and over I would gain then lose 20 pounds, so diet programs were frustrating, to say the least. If you felt like other programs were designed incorrectly, you were right. Most are designed for men, not for women who are trying to lose weight.


Women are built to carry babies meaning they store more weight around the midsection. Our hips, thighs, and midsection are all meant to store extra fat, which isn’t the case with men.

Is leptin the cause of excess weight?

This first thing the Venus Factor system discussed was leptin, showing me how different it really was from other programs. From low carb, to gluten free, fat free, low calorie, and others, I have tried every fad diet out there.

This diet was different, and talked about a new way to lose weight, so I figured: why not?

Sure, food and exercise play a role in how much you weigh. If you don’t eat well and exercise, you are bound to be overweight. But, the hormone leptin also plays a role. This hormone regulates your metabolism and appetite, in turn affecting how much you weigh.

Leptin is found in both men and women’s bodies, but leptin resistance is more common among women, which is among the many reasons they tend to carry around excess body weight.

If you suffer from this, you receive signals that you haven’t eaten enough foods, triggering you to eat more.

In turn, you will gain more weight. Especially after having a baby, it is more common. With The Venus Factor weight loss system, I learned what was going on with my body, so I could take the necessary actions to make changes.

Good News for Women!

It isn’t all bad, the Venus Factor fat loss system has found ways to make this resistance work for, rather than against you. You’ll learn how to eat and exercise properly, and which steps to take to avoid the leptin resistance your body was so resilient on in the past.

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Venus Factor Customer Reviews

Advantages of Venus Factor

I was thrilled to find Venus Factor wasn’t like other fad diets. It teaches, rather than tells you what to do for a period of time. It has helped me boost my metabolism. Many times I wasn’t aware of what to eat.

When going grocery shopping, there are so many options. So, you don’t really know what to eat. Venus Factor has given me guidance in this area as well.

venus system weight lossMy body’s shape has slowly changed over time. In addition to the food guide, you receive exercise guides and programs to follow, and bonus videos to help you lose weight.

Group support is pivotal to keeping weight off, I never realized this. The Venus Factor even gave me this help, which other programs in the past didn’t. We share success stories with other women going through similar stories.

I’ve not only outsmarted my own genes, but seeing the great results so quickly, has kept me going. Sure, it seems silly, but seeing the claims that I could look great within a month, really pushed me to try the program. And, I am thrilled with the results I have seen thus far.

Here’s a video that I found on Youtube That Explains What’s Inside The Venus Factor

What I love about Venus Factor

Its educational, it teaches, it is easy to follow. You won’t suffer from hunger cravings and exercise programs are easy to follow. You also learn about different hang-ups and how to avoid them on your weight loss journey.

I came across this video on the Venus Factor site. Although I’m not sure how long the offer is available, John Barban is currently running a great special Venus Factor offer for $9.95. The Venus Factor System gives you the tools you need to really lose the weight, and keep it off!

This great offer is backed by 60 days 100% guarantee.