The Venus Factor Fat Loss System Review

venus factor system

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Every now and again, a superb weight loss program arrives which helps millions of women around the world burn fat and reveal amazing bodies.

The Venus factor fat loss system is the hottest weight loss program on most women’s minds right now.


The Venus factor system is tailored to women only. Unfortunately, most women cannot get the figure of their dreams no matter how many diets they follow or how many hours they spend in the gym. Sure, there are other weight loss programs on the market, but the Venus factor is truly revolutionary. It is so unique and effective that it has been the secret of top female Hollywood celebrities for many years.

The Venus factor has been so effective at helping women to easily lose weight quickly that it has spread like wildfire, crushing all competition.

How the Venus Fat Loss system works

There is a lot of scientific research that went into developing this groundbreaking weight loss program. Simply, it has been discovered that the one hormone responsible for burning fat is Leptin. Leptin controls all your body’s capabilities to burn fat.

The more of the Leptin hormone you have in your body, the better your weight loss results. Thankfully, women have twice as much Leptin in their bodies, as compared to men. However, some women are only using 20% of Leptin’s fat burning potential.

This is why some women count calories, exercise and diet, but still don’t see results. They are missing out on the one key hormone, Leptin, that drastically burns through fat in no time at all.

The creators of the Venus Factor System thought if they could find a way to have women control their Leptin levels, women will achieve the body they crave.

Ultimately, the Venus system was born.

It is a 12 week program tailored to each female based on their body dimensions. At the start of the program women choose what their ideal body shape will be. The Venus system is then adapted to allow them to carve out their perfect body by the end of the program. It is that simple, straightforward and easy.
The Venus factor system works by removing foods that reduce Leptin levels. This will allow for visible results in just 2 weeks.

It also increases Leptin levels so that fat stores are being burnt 24/7, especially during sleep. It is a complete step by step program which is put in plain language and easy to follow. Just follow the steps and you will step out of a stunning new body in no time at all.


Women who have achieved their perfect body using the Venus factor Fat loss system have been sending in messages and singing its praises from all around the world. One of them is Angela from Houston.

She had this to say:

I have spent thousands of dollars and so many hours in the gym trying to lose weight. I have given birth to three beautiful children, who had really taken a toll on my body. As time went on, my husband increasingly didn’t want to introduce me to his friends. I think he was ashamed of me. My best friend introduced me to the Venus factor system after she had followed it for 12 weeks and had dropped many dress sizes. She looked stunning, healthy and happy. I decided to try it out as a final attempt. I should have started the program earlier. Just 2 weeks in, my family was complimenting me on the change they had seen in me. I am now the proud owner of a body that I had dreamed about for so long.

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1) The Venus factor system is incredibly easy to follow as it comes with detailed instructions, videos and pictures to help women achieve a glamorous body.

2) You don’t need to sign up for an expensive gym membership in order to complete the Venus factor system. Every activity can be done in the comfort of your own home.

3) You can eat anything you want.

4) If you don’t see results after following the program (highly unlikely), you can return it after as much as 60 days to get a full refund.


1) The Venus factor fat loss system, has been tailored to burn fat in female bodies. Therefore, men cannot follow the program.
2) In order to see results you have to be committed. However, the reward at the end of it is more than worth it.


The Venus factor system has given women around the world, glamorous bodies. It has also raised their confidence levels through the roof, and drawn the admiration of friends, family members and strangers. Visit the link below to find out how the Venus Factor System can help you get the body of your dreams.

Click here to visit the official Venus Factor System Website

The Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System Review

The Venus Factor 12 week fat loss system is a real and practical solution to help women get the body of their dreams without having to go to the gym.

It’s all natural and effective to the determined woman. Here’s what all women should know about it:


Because it’s a ground-breaking weight loss system, you expect it to take the entire fitness industry by storm. It’s one of the most sought-after weight loss formula in the market, thanks to its great reputation.

Ideally, it’s a 12-week exercise and nutrition challenge that will make any woman drop weight. The Venus Factor works for women of all ages, regardless of their sizes, shapes and heights.

The reason why a woman will love this transformational program is because it also takes into account their current lifestyle, fitness level or even workout history.

What’s more, the Venus Factor 12 week fat loss system comes with a customized in-built nutrition program which provides daily or weekly meal choices, micro nutrient and calorie guidelines.

This is just the nutrition part of it, so to complement everything, the program also implements your total body exercise which takes into account strength training, muscle toning, as well as cardiovascular training aimed at fat burning. Once you take part in this challenge, you should definitely begin seeing changes in weeks.

Here are the 3 steps included in the system:

1. The nutrition program

This is where you’ll find unique diet plans that take your age, fitness level, activity and many other things into account. Another special feature of this nutrition program is that which lets your diet evolve with changes taking place in you.

It is fun to work with this system because all you’ll do is to login once a week to get your food recommendations. These are basically food choices that will support your new-found lifestyle.

2. Structured fitness routine

The total body training routine is consistent with your nutritional needs as recommended by the system. It also utilizes a training program that uses high intensity cardio workouts to tone up your muscles by burning fat.

There are over 140 videos in the database, all focused on teaching you the correct techniques for aiming at various muscles in the body. Furthermore, the workouts have been designed to increase in intensity as you improve your fitness level during the entire course.

3. Access to mobile app

This system comes with a special mobile app that contains all your exercises and nutritional needs. It also does the good job of connecting you with like-minded individuals in the Venus Factor community.

Here, you’ll learn from the experience of others. You’ll also learn to be accountable. All women who have successfully lost weight with this system say this community was instrumental in their success.

The pros

– You lose weight by only using diet and exercise, all natural
– An affordable and effective way of attaining your weight loss goals


-You have to be disciplined in your routine to succeed


If you’re doubting the Venus Factor 12 week fat loss loss system, then try and look for forums where they are discussing it. You’ll realize that most comments are positive about this system, and this is a sure sign that the product is a success in solving weight problems. There’s nothing you’re going to lose by trying out this revolutionary approach to weight loss.

What’s Included In the Venus Factor Weight Loss System?

The Venus Factor is a revolutionary weight loss system developed specifically for women by a renowned fitness consultant called John Barban.

It is a holistic body sculpting system that is perfect for women who want to get sustainable results (long term fitness as well as weight loss).

This effective fitness and weight loss solution centers around the idea that it is much harder for females to lose weight compared to males because they have a higher level of leptine-resistance, which hinders their metabolic rate, leading to weight gain when they stop watching what they eat.

What’s Included In the Venus Factor Weight Loss System?

First, readers need to understand that this weight loss and fitness system is not a pill but rather a multiple page ebook that talks about proven methods to lose weight naturally and maintain fitness without using harmful pills or going for expensive surgical procedures. The following are the components of this revolutionary weight loss cum fitness plan;

1)The Main Guide

The main Venus Factor System PDF contains a complete explanation behind the step-by-step directions for following the weight loss program as well as workout recommendation.

2) The Virtual Nutritionist

This is an app that will help any user of this incredible weight loss system to create a customized diet plan, hinging upon personal bio-data they supply about themselves.

3) The Physical Activity Strategy

This is a personalized 12-week workout routine which may be performed at home. It includes several videos which show users how to do all the recommended workouts.

4) An Online Forum

This allows users to interact with one another, ask questions or raise concerns as well as share tips and hints. They can make as well as share podcasts of their activities and even make friendship with like minded individuals.

Now that you know what’s included in the Venus Factor weight loss system, the next question that may pop up in your head is why should I choose it over the rest?

To answer this, the following paragraphs talk about some amazing benefits that are only unique to this incredible weight loss system;

1) Simple to Follow

Unlike other weight loss systems on the market, this program is quite easy to stick to. The diet and physical activity routines are perfectly explained and demonstrated in videos respectively allowing you to pursue your objective without professional assistance.

2) No Need for a Gym Membership

To pursue this program, you do not require a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment in your home to perform the routines. The physical fitness guide has simple workouts that can be performed quickly at home using the most basic exercise equipment.

3) The Diet Regimen Is the Easiest To Stick To

The Venus Factor weight loss system does not require extreme deprivation. Instead, it focuses on taking healthy whole foods in adequate proportions. This makes the system much easier to follow.


The Venus Factor is a great blend of diet and physical activity plan which guarantees results within 90 days. However, users can notice some difference from the first 7 days. All one needs to do is to follow the program with commitment and honesty, and let the venus factor do the rest.

5 Fat Burning Tips Јust Fоr Women

5 fat burning tips just for women

Trying tо lose belly fat іs а challenge fоr mоst women. Тhе fat deposits durіng pregnancy bесоmе аlmоst impossible tо gеt rid оf, but thеrе аrе stіll ways tо achieve fat loss іf уоu knоw hоw.

Оf course, thеrе аrе quick fіх ways thаt involve surgery оr supplements but thеrе аrе аlsо side effects thаt соmе wіth thеsе options.

Тhе best wау tо lose fat аnd kеер іt оff permanently іs bу fоllоwіng а long term diet аnd exercise regime. Іt involves hard work, but thе rewards will bе well worth it.

Here are 5 Fat Burning Tips Just For Women

1. What tо eat – Irvingia Gabonensis – Тhіs іs а tough ingredient tо pronounce, but іt іs еvеn tougher оn body fat. Participants іn а study оn Irvingia lost аn average 6.7 inches frоm thеіr waistline. Іt works bу making уоur body cells mоrе receptive tо thе fat-burning hormone called leptin.

Leptin іs а key hormone thаt controls mаnу facets оf thе weight loss puzzle. Іts job іs tо protect уоur body аgаіnst starvation. Whеn уоu gо оn а diet уоur body inhibits thе secretion оf leptin. Тhіs puts thе brakes оn fat burning аnd саn decrease уоur ability tо burn fat bу uр tо 50% аftеr оnlу оnе week оf strict dieting.

Any nutrient thаt increases уоur body’s production оf leptin оr уоur body’s sensitivity tо leptin will boost уоur ability tо burn belly fat.

2. What tо drink – Drink plenty оf water everyday tо mаkе surе thаt thе body іs hydrated. Тhіs іs essential tо thе process оf fat burning thаt will help уоu lose belly fat, аs wіthоut hydration thе liver will nоt perform іts fat elimination functions effectively. Аt lеаst 8-10 glasses оf water аrе recommended. Green tea іs аnоthеr great drink thаt boosts thе metabolism.

3. What exercise tо dо – Тhе best exercises thаt will help уоu lose belly fat аrе thоsе thаt gеt уоur heart pumping аs thіs will іn turn help burn thе fat. Choose cardiovascular exercises suсh аs jogging, cycling, swimming оr brisk walking аs thеsе will gеt уоur heart pumping. Remember thаt thе best time tо exercise fоr burning body fat іs early morning bеfоrе eating breakfast аs thіs іs thе time whеn thе body dоеs nоt hаvе carbohydrates tо burn аnd dips іntо thе fat reserves instead.

4. Ноw tо eat – Rаthеr thаn eating 3-4 big meals everyday, tо lose belly fat а better option іs tо eat 5-6 small meals. Тhіs nоt оnlу helps іn avoiding overeating аs thе spaced оut smaller meals will help regulate уоur intake оf food, but will аlsо boost уоur metabolism аs thе body іs constantly usіng energy tо break dоwn thеsе meals.

5. Trick уоur metabolism – The diet works bу а “calorie shifting” method, whісh tricks уоur metabolism іntо working harder. Gearing уоur diet tоwаrd changing thе number оf calories уоu consume еасh day will nоt allow уоur metabolism tо gеt stuck іn а rut аnd оnlу burn а сеrtаіn number оf calories еvеrу day.

In this video Fat Loss Expert Kyle Leon and Female Fat Loss Expert John Barban discusses very important fat loss tips just for women thats just being coined “The Female Fat Burning Hormone”. 

Fat loss fоr women саn bе achieved whеn уоur metabolism іs confused аnd simply works аs hard аs роssіblе tо rid уоur body оf unwanted weight.

If уоu hаvе bееn struggling achieving уоur weight loss goals, уоu mіght wаnt tо switch things аrоund fоr уоursеlf.

I recommend your check out the Venus Factor Program – A 12 week weight loss program designed for women only. Right now, this is the most popular weight loss program on the market and has already helped thousands of women around the world achieve the body they always wanted.

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Benefits of The Venus Factor System PDF

venus-factor-systemThe venus factor system pdf is a clear-cut weight-shedding program created by John Barban, a guru in nutritional art, physiology and biological science.

It is based on a seminal study conducted on women cohorts who enabled him to infer various driving forces that cause inexorable increase in weight.

It is a candid masterpiece that brings together metabolism boosting techniques that are practical for increased oxidation of fats.

Unlike gimmick diets and programs, The Venus Factor Pdf System usnearths an effective nutrition and workout setup that is versatile to meet the needs of different users.

Its viability in facilitating weight loss, fat metabolism and keeping your body fit and healthy is vouched by multitudinous testimonials online.

Features of the Venus Factor PDF system

The program presents fast and easy regimens that will swing you into action enabling you to lose weight promptly. The chief aspects of the plan that will enable you prevent inordinate weight increase include:

The Manual: It highlights all steps to be followed in the program through trove and insightful ideas, full and replete Leptin dietary plans and a comprehensive venus factor workout that consists of a 12 week blueprint that is straight to the point.

Leptin is a hormone that occurs in both genders and controls metabolism rates and appetite; this is inextricably linked to weight.

Its resistance is witnessed more in women, thus they tend to accumulate more pounds than their counterparts.

Your dietary plan is drafted bearing in mind this fact, with low carb, devoid of gluten and certain fats, lower calories and copious mineral salts in addition to vitamins.

The Body Centric Nutritional Guide: This part of the program imparts on the finest ways to choose your recipe as to attain agility in line with the Venus index.

It requires caloric intake to be proportional to your waistline, hip and height dimensions.

The results of assessment vary from each user; however, there are guidelines for all. Your bespoken recipe will depend on whether your Vector index entails you increase or decrease weight.

The Workout Guide and Schedule: For attainable physical fitness and well-being, the program interposes an exercise proposal with different calisthenics.

venus factor workout guide

It takes a period of three months and is divided in tripartite phases each stretching to a thirty days period.

Every chapter brings precise frequent aerobic, anaerobic and other exercises along a strategy to work against, with videos and written explanations to enable you undertake every program.

At the heart of this course are a weight loss and fat burning goal as well as consequential benefits like a well-toned body and finely-shaped muscles.

Community Membership: Following successful experimental trials by previous customers who have embraced the Vector Factor program, developers saw the importance of maintaining an interactive platform for them together with other stakeholders.

This has spawned a robust community where women from different walks of life unified by the pursuit of similar goals cross-pollinate empowering ideas.

Purchasing the product gives you latitude to peruse meaningful discussions that will act as a further guide to your weight loss plans.

Benefits of the Venus Factor PDF System

The program offers effectual and home-based exercises, without the need for expensive equipment ubiquitous in gyms.

Workouts in the guide and videos are fine-tuned to ensure all your muscles are exercised; the body burns excessive fats and remains incessantly toned.

venus factor workout


There are many workout alternatives while you may want to include your own techniques.

Dietary plans posited are highly flexible and consist of readily available ingredients that you can find in local groceries and food stores.

With the guide you will consume nutritious and weight loss-friendly recipes, mindful snacking, essentials like drinking water and unprocessed ingredients to keep chronic diseases at bay.

The program gives a plenary regimen that is meant to see every woman accomplish physical fitness, pacified mind and a well-toned body.

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Combination of all the approaches included in the guide will see you burn tons of fats, lose or gain weight in tandem with improved health and attain a strengthened immune system owing to the nutrient plenteous dietary plans.

The Bottom Line

Unlike other fads which are ingeniously contrived to lure you into making a deal with no successes, the venus factor program has been demonstrated to work and is offered with a money reimbursement guarantee by the program creator.

If you conspicuously set goals and work against them, you will control unbridled cravings, shed weight, burn fats and improve the tone of your skin and muscles.

Venus Factor Program – What Makes This Program So Great for Women?

venus factor workout programPutting muscly male bodybuilders aside, it seems that women have always been the main ones in search of that perfect, most effective method of obtaining their ideal bodies.

Many crave achieving that beautiful, hourglass figure that’s signature to the female body, but it’s been near impossible to find weight loss fitness strategy out that caters enough to women’s unique needs, until now.

News of the Venus Factor, a female fitness program by John Barban, has spread fast in circles of women thanks to the results many have accomplished using this program.

If you’re a women who wants that gorgeous hourglass shape and have tired other programs only to fall short of your fitness goals, get ready to learn about a revolutionary new body transformation program that may very well prove to be your solution.

Here’s What Venus Factor Is Really All About:

Surprisingly, this program isn’t about weight loss, although many women have lost weight while following what is taught.

Instead, all the focus is placed on guiding women in obtaining that sexy hourglass figure, causing them to experience a breakthrough in their fitness by showing them how to overcome the fitness roadblocks that are unique to the woman’s body.

It makes sense, as women are fundamentally different from men, not just when it comes to visible features, but also in the way their bodies function.

How could it be, then, that women and men should use the exact same methods for achieving their goals for health and fitness? The ideal body of a woman isn’t the same as the ideal body of a man, now is it?

With The Venus Factor Program, women of any size, whether a size 2 or a size 28, can finally realize their dreams of having a body that’s an ideal representation of the female figure, enhancing their natural beauty, and helping them to look and feel more attractive. The multi-faceted approach of this program brings real women impressive results.

Here’s What You Get When You Invest in The Venus Factor Program:

Those who get the Venus Factor Fat Loss System are getting a simple program that benefits both their fitness and overall health. It’s body transformation system that’s straightforward, taking out the guesswork so that you can jump right in to achieving the promised results.

The package has seven components, including:

The Main Venus Factor Manual – This key guide explains the core of the Venus program, providing you with a thorough overview of the entire system.

The information the manual contains allows you to get the maximum benefit from following the program. Some of the things it teaches you includes the real effects foods like sugar and soy has on women’s bodies, what the good foods are versus the bad foods, and it even includes some helpful tips to assist you in planning meals.

The Body Centric Eating Guide – Here you’ll learn all about the nutritional principles that are the driving force behind the Venus Factor. Forget about frustrating dietary restrictions. Instead, you’ll find out how to boost your metabolism while still enjoying the foods you love.

The Workout ManualThe Venus Factor Workout is designed to bring great results in only 12 short weeks. The workout manual shows you the workouts you’ll be doing during those weeks. Each exercise move is explained in stunning detail, allowing you to perform them at optimal efficiency.

Best of all, you won’t have to run out and get one of those expensive gym memberships, as this highly recommended workout regimen includes both bodyweight and high-intensity exercises, maximizing your results.

The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist – This online application is a tool that helps you keep track of your progress and helps automate many of the processes involved in this system, making the program go as smooth for you as possible.

John Barban’s Podcast Series – John Barban, creator of the Venus Factor hosts weekly podcasts that help the program’s followers stay in the success mindset. Those who invest in his system get full access to these powerful podcasts.

The Member’s Only Online Community – You’ll find having the right support to be easy, as Venus Factor has its own online community, which you get to be a part of when you get this system. You’ll be able to meet with other women who share your goals, keeping each other informed and motivated.

The Fitness Videos – Following the workout routine is essential for getting results with this body transformation system. In addition to the workout manual, you’ll also get fitness videos that you can follow for each of the 12 weeks while you’re on this program.

Claim Your Hourglass Figure Now: Buy Venus Factor

John Barban is an expert in the realm of health and fitness. Venus Factor is a system he developed after discovering the role of leptin in women’s body shapes, and made a personal goal of developing quality, effective fitness programs for men and for women.

Researchers have found that most women suffer leptin resistance, and Barban was the very first to create a program that helps women overcome leptin resistance and see results.

The Venus Factor program focuses on women and the significance leptin resistance has to the achievement of their ideal body. If you’re serious about having an hourglass figure,

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